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Network Accreditation Services, Inc.

Getting Started
infoYou will need the following items to complete the signup process:

  • General Information about your operation, including your Federal Tax ID, NCPDP Number, and NPI Number.
  • General product categories that your operation carries (in order for us to determine if your operation classifies as a Full or Limited DME Provider). This can be found on your CMS-855s form.
  • If you purchased the DAPP Software program you may be eligible for a discount. You will need your DAPP Program registration code and the ZIP Code of where the CD was shipped.
  • A valid credit card or check to make a payment. 
  • If you own more than one operation, you must sign them up individually. You will need a separate email address for each. When your accounts are approved, be sure to tell your Accreditation Specialist(s) that you have multiple accounts.

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