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Network Accreditation Services, Inc.

Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

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What is NASI?
Is NASI an Accreditation Organization (AO)?
Is the cost of the Accreditation included in my price to join a NASI Accreditation Network?
When do I have to be accredited?
If my pharmacy isn’t accredited by September 30, 2009, can I become accredited after that?
Is paying for the NASI program what gets me accredited?
What is the relationship between competitive bidding and accreditation?
I own 4 stores. Must I accredit all of my stores?
I am with a buying group, can I wait to do accreditation?
I have already purchased DAPP from PRS, can I now switch to the NASI Program?
Can I competitively bid after May 14, 2008?
What are the Computer System Requirements for the NASI Program?
What is included in the NASI Program Price?
Does my Pharmacy need to be open to be accredited?